Robin Mullery infuses tenderness into the abstract images/objects she makes with rough industrial materials such as mortar, roofers cement, and hardware cloth. Working from her background as a therapist she probes her experience of vulnerability giving shape to what it means to be human: to feel fragile and strong, complete and incomplete, damaged and healed. She represents the psyche in tactile, layered textures, inviting a multisensory viewing that feels both deeply familiar and new.

Self taught in visual art with an MFA in Poetry and an MA in Psychology Mullery is unrestricted by traditional modes of artistic expression. She sees the urban material that surrounds us, mortar that holds together, cement that forms foundations, crack filler, etc., as metonymy for how humans contain themselves. By working with her hands to mix, apply, and shape the materials she physically brings about change and becoming, imbuing sensuality, destruction, emotion.